Vastu Architect


Design is meaningless without sustainability, be it economic, social, technological or aesthetic. Our projects proudly feature energy friendly features such as solar lighting, rain water harvesting, VOC free paints, passive cooling and grey water recycling to name a few. Our current focus is research into Vastu design and it's impact on the building envelope for increasing it's resonance with the surrounding energies in nature besides being functional. It seeks to provide our clients a more effective environment to work, play and live. For thousands of years, Vaastu architecture has been a pioneer in terms of sustainability.The very essence of Vastu is to recognize the presence of a spirit which inhabits the space within any structure or enclosure. There are even parameters to  refer to how long the structure will contain life-sustaining energy. This may refer to how long the building's energy  promotes the well-being of it's occupants or sustain it's own vibrancy. We found that Vaastu specifies materials, procedures for site selection, water body placement,building orientation, building envelope, energy management,waste management and a variety of other factors that contribute to sustainability. The Shastras specify which trees should be used and require that for every tree cut, a new tree be planted. Vaastu practitioners have thus strived for perfection while also protecting the environment. It is believed that the energy within and around any building has a significant impact on the well-being of inmates and the community at large.Sustainability is thus integral to Vastu.