Are you offering Vastu advice? What are the terms and conditions for that ?

Yes ! Visit the Contact us page for an appointment. I am fortunate to be able to devote time to further research into various aspects of Vastu and tap into the rich resources of the knowledge of the ancients.

We want to do Vastu rectifications. How much of our house/factory do we need to demolish

Congratulations for trusting the process of Vastu. There are several ways to do Vastu corrections. These can be through chants, installation of symbols and also through demolition or construction.The way I work, demolitions or alterations are practically negligible.
In general, I visit the premises, prepare a report with the Vastu corrections and carry our the corrections with a short Vastu Puja

We want the best/iconic/landmark space to be designed. However, we are not exactly sure of what it should be. We need you to present as many options as required till the time we are satisfied with the design. Can you do that?

Great. We also want the optimum space design for you, which should be iconic, unique and functional as well. In view of our experience, we prepare a maximum of three alternative concepts based on the feedback provided by you. In order to get the best design solution, please feel free to provide us with as many inputs as you can in the initial concept stage. We will incorporate your feedback into the design and recommend the best design solution. Again, three is just a number. In order to give even one design option, there are several concept designs made in our studio, before we present the final option to you. Our concept will consider various factors such as optimum space utilization, functional aspects, energy saving aspects, visual appeal etc.

We wish to appoint you based on our own terms and conditions and we want to have nothing to do with the Council of Architecture Guidelines.

Ideally, your terms should generally be in compliance with the Council of Architecture Guidelines. Please ensure that Architects being shortlisted by you are provided with a copy of the terms and conditions.

What about Government approvals/ sanctions? What exactly will be your involvement in this?

Government approvals require the client and the approving authorities to liaison on several aspects and levels. In India, the building bye laws vary from State to State. In such cases it is best to have a local representative, familiar in the work of obtaining approvals. We will assist in modifying our drawings/designs to comply with the local bye laws. It is highly recommended to have the approved concept design authenticated for compliance with the local representative before the tender drawings are prepared. 

Why don’t you hire the local representative yourself and include this cost in your fees?

As mentioned in our response to the earlier question, obtaining approvals and sanctions is a highly specialized field and the precise requirements for obtaining such approvals vary. The time frame for obtaining such approvals also varies. Hence it is advisable to consult a specialist in this field. It is also recommended to go for tender stage only after the design scheme has received the mandatory approvals from statutory bodies.

After approving the concept design we are now ready to conduct a tender for obtaining the best rates and hiring the best contractor agency. How do we go about it?

In all likelihood your department has a well-established setup for conducting the tender process. However, the main thing to be kept in mind is the preparation of the project estimate. In almost all instances of Government projects, the estimate is prepared on the basis of the Standard Schedule of Rates – A document published by the Public Works Department. Unfortunately, this document does not correctly reflect the reality of the market rates and is rather theoretical in nature. Hence most Government projects experience cost over runs, which invite sharp criticism both from the media as well as the auditing agencies. The solution is to notify corrections and differences between the Standard Schedule of Rates and the market rates at the time of preparation of the estimates itself. We have observed numerous instances where, the contractor underbids in order to secure the projects and later compromises on quality of work.

After completion of tendering process, we found that the bids of contractors were more than/ less than the estimated value of the project prepared by you? Why is this so?

This has been answered in question 6.

We would like for your representatives/architects to stand on site and monitor every aspect of the construction.This also satisfies our ego and makes us feel nice that you are suffering and it is value for our money. Isn’t this part of your scope of work as an Architect?

Day to day monitoring of project progress is part of the scope of work of specialist Project Management Consultant teams. However, our representatives, depending on the condition of the project on site, periodically visit the site. This may be varying from a maximum of once every fifteen days to once every three months. This visit is to primarily clarify any doubts the contractor may have in understanding the drawing or in modifying any drawing in the event that there has been any unforeseen design change on account of  site conditions. Hence, in order to get the full benefit of our services, you are requested to have a set of questions/site problems prepared and sent to us about a week in advance so as to enable us to give your queries due consideration.

Our management conducts daily and weekly project review meetings and it is absolutely essential that your representative be present, whether or not this serves any meaningful purpose. We require it as a matter of our protocol. Is there any way to arrange for this?

Our work primarily involves extensive research, creativity and discussions with experts in our field, which needs a conducive environment to do the same. Hence we do not recommend that our representatives attend such review meetings in the interest of the project. However, in there is such a mandatory requirement, one of our representatives may attend such meetings at additional cost. This will be calculated and conveyed to you after assessing the requirement and time frames.

I am the Executive/ Chief engineer of the Government Project. Can you please “over certify” the contractor’s bill?

We do not “over” or “under” value the works. We believe that indulging in such activities dilutes the main reason behind our being engaged for the project.

I am the Department Head. I can arrange for you to get the project. How much commission/kickback will I get in the process?

We do not offer or receive commissions/kickbacks.

I am the Department Head. I want to reduce the budget, so I want you to recommend that no fire-fighting or public health safety measures be incorporated in the project. Why are you not doing it even though I am withholding your fees and will not release it till you have compromised on your values, principles and professional code of conduct?

Dear Sir, you are having a Public Building made. Agreed that human life has little of no value in India, but is it really necessary to play with Human life? We regretfully submit that we will not willfully propose any compromise on the safety of the end users of the project either in terms of the design or the specifications. You may take our fees and donate it to charity.

I am the Department Secretary. I want you to recommend using material from XYZ contractors/vendors. Why are you not doing it even though I am withholding your fees and will not release it till you have compromised on your values, principles and professional code of conduct?

Dear Sir, you are having a Public Building made and Tax payer’s money is at stake. All decisions of such favoritism of contractors/ vendors have to be taken by a technical committee in a fair and transparent manner and not by us. In any case we are very well aware that after a Government project has been completed and if there is any problem whatsoever, your department will try to assign blame on us during any audits. So we are not going to do it. You may take our fees and donate it to charity.

I am the Accounts Manager. I will only clear your bill after I receive some kickback from you. I normally do not ask for such favors but it is my sister’s wedding so I need the money. How much will you give me and when?

We do not offer or receive commissions/kickbacks.

I am the Executive Engineer of the Government Department which is giving you an important project. I am very impressed with your firm. My son/ daughter/ nephew/ niece just graduated from an architecture college. I want you to employ him/ her. What is the salary he/she will get? When can he/ she join?

We would like to ask the following questions in response : A. Have you appointed us to propose an effective design for your organization or for hiring your relative? B. What kind of self-respect will your relative have on getting a job through influence? C. Isn’t this a conflict of interest and is this really helping you or your company in any way whatsoever? D. How long will it be do you think before you are caught? Which is the lesser fear for you- fear of Law of fear of God? We would recommend instead that your relative apply in our office through the regular process of interview, ideally after we have completed the assignment of your organisation.

Don’t you think your company has an attitude problem? After all this is a world of “give and take?”

Sir, with due respect, try to consider this. Do you try “give and take” with other professionals such as your family Doctor? What do you think will be the outcome if you impose conditions in paying your Doctor’s fee ? You are entrusting us with allocation of amounts running into millions through the design of your projects. Don’t you think it is imperative that such a company should be dealt with professionally and cordially? 

Why are you rarely available on mobile?

We prefer to focus on offering value for money instead of answering innumerable unsolicited telemarketing calls/sms. At the same time we are easily available to the Point of Contact / Head of the Department who has engaged us.  

I have recently recieved your Vastu Advice and although it has made some improvements to my life, it still has not made me a millionaire.

The primary focus of my advice is to enhance the spatial experience of habitable spaces through the doctrines of Vastu. These aim at creating a harmony of the inhabitant with the various energies in nature which ultimately aim to support the users in the pursuit of thier goals related to harmony, health, prosperity and fulfilment.I never advise any magic remedies or miracle cures