Vastu Advice

Namaste and a warm welcome to the reader.

This blog is about the nature of advice and service I provide on Vastu Shastra.

I am grateful for your time.

Vastu Shastra is a doctrine, a set of principles and practices from the vast database of ancient Vedic knowledge. Some of the Manuscripts provide detailed rituals on various methods to align oneself to the Nature.In the modern times it is often difficult to implement these methods.

During my extensive research of Vaastu Shastra and Vedic Astrology, my rigorous routine as a Vastu Practitioner and more than 2 decades of experience as a practicing Architect, I have been able to identify the basic things which need to be done to assist you align with the energies of Nature .This may help you find inner strength in fulfilling in your goals towards the practical challenges which everyone faces in their lives, related to relationships, finances, health and career.

My advice will only involve some of your time and will not require you to demolish or construct anything that is either inconvenient ,expensive or against the bye laws. If at all, some minimal breakage may be required, which is usually less than that which one normally does while installing an air conditioner.

It will certainly not involve instilling fear or luring you with magic remedies or cure.

I believe that Vaastu is like Yoga for the space around you. It works slowly, helps create a positive ambience and nurtures the soul in subtle ways.



The process usually involves a study of the drawing of your office ,residence or factory. The challenges you are currently facing in your life are taken into account. Your time, date and place of birth are recorded. You are then informed about the corrections which need to be carried out and how they would be carried out. Subsequently, it may be followed by a site visit, advice on space clearing and installation of certain symbols. These are barely noticeable and usually merge in with your interior.

A report will be generated for you and a follow up call may be made for tracking the changes you may have experienced after the corrections.

Now that you are aware of the process involved, I would urge to to give this a try by contacting me through the following link :