Covering an area of almost 7 acres, the well-known R.K.Khanna Tennis Stadium is located in South Delhi next to the Deer Park. It was selected as the Venue to host international level Games being held in India in the year 2010. Our firm was commissioned to redesign and upgrade the existing Centre Court of the Venue using suitable addition alteration methodologies. We were also the project management consultants. At the same time additional infrastructure was to be designed which included a No.1 Court (Show Court), media galleries, athlete accommodation, players lounges, medical facilities etc. In addition 8 match courts and 6 practice courts had to be made with the infrastructure for spectator facilities and lighting. It was indeed a challenging task to design this infrastructure within the constraints of time and space. The Stadium was the first stadium to be completed within a modest budget and the conduct of the Sport of Tennis was successfully conducted by the All India Tennis Association, receiving accolades for the creation of such facilities from several renowned experts and personalities. The Venue was designed with sustainability as the prime factor and included several environmentally friendly active and passive architectural features such as rain water harvesting,solar heating, solar lighting, eco-friendly paints, use of pvc windows, heat reflective glass and daylighting. Use of local materials and architectural features such as stone cornices and jaali(screen) were used to make the structure blend in with the architecture of the city. After the Games, the Venue has successfully hosted several prestigious international events. While we always give first preference to safety compliances, certain modifications were made as per Vastu, wherever possible. Some of these were shifting the offices of the Administrative heads above ground level and towards in the South West. The seating of the Organizers were given an orientation that they faced the North or the East.The structures and areas in the South West were made taller and higher wherever possible.Given that this was such a large campus and the fact that our expertise into Vastu Shastra has evolved even further, there is definitely scope for further Vaastu enhancements.